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“I truly enjoyed this magical book, not since
Celestine Prophecy have I had 
so much fun on a spiritual adventure. I didn’t want it to end, and I hope there will be a sequel. Bravo! The world needs more magical stories like this.”

Rob Moses, KUNG FU Master and Teacher of Kung Fu TV Star David Carradine –

If you found us, you’re likely someone who — at one time or another in your life — has heard “small voices” in your head talking to you. Or perhaps you believe in and listen to what you call your “own person guidance.” Or maybe you’ve even ventured further and believe in “voices of wisdom” from “Higher Order Beings,” Angels and the like. Whether you’re any of these, just curious, or have accidentally landed on this site… WELCOME! You are in the right place!

The Harry Pond books are a metaphysical fiction adventure series by author Jay Allan Luboff that blends adventure fiction, spiritual fiction, visionary fiction and new age fiction into tales of self-realization and spiritual growth. The first book in the series is: Harry Pond Looks Homeward: The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

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Harry Pond Looks Homeward Chapter Titles and Quotes

No name is no-thing … learn your name and learn your destiny
Love takes many forms, most of all it comes from the heart of light
No one can know but you, and you can know all if you want
Many try to comprehend the other side … few succeed … better to follow your own light back home
We dance together and make friendship our partner
No path is easy…but the right one will take you home
We know who we are, if we look to the right places to find ourselves
Even free spirits still need to free their hearts to learn to fly
Know that on the journey of self-awakening, you will find more courage within you than ere you thought possible
Dance a dance of Light … and know yourself in it
Songs of old come to those who listen…listen well for your call to come home
The light shining through reveals the lack of clouds in the sky
Often we reach to know something … yet fail to grasp it … keep reaching … the answers are always there
Loving the One leads in directions unknown … beyond comprehension to those who choose asleepness!
No one can know how to turn the tides back, but asking shows the way
Searching and searching to find ourselves; one day it happens and we KNOW we are home
Though we may KNOW what we know, we often confuse ourselves with “kind words,” telling us it is not so. Listening to the truth is best!
Dance the dance of Light with the other and you may learn your own name
Nobody has a better way to see than you; nobody can ask but you
It’s good to know what man and woman are capable of when aligned with all the elements of God and nature!
Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!
Not all have the opportunity to go home in any one life, but all can choose to step bravely on the Path
No one knows when the challenge will come, but it will come, and will say “will you return home now… to the Light?”
Dancing in heaven’s fields is closer than we think!
Never before has man/woman had so much opportunity to come home. Yet, too often the people of the earth have passed on the decision to follow the Light.
Nowhere is it written that one must come home, yet it is still the destiny of all should they choose to follow it
No one can choose for another; the darkness holds one as long as one chooses to be held
They waited, the old ones, for the right time and then they left for home…but some stayed behind and these are the helpers who are called upon at times of need
Days pass, nights go by, but love of life itself still reigns as the key to returning home…to you!
We struggle, we fight, we ask ourselves how we will ever “arrive” at our destination; yet, we know, deep within we know that we are all ONE and that all is well!
Seek your own essence of Light and you will find it in the everyday reality of existence
Know your name … Know your life … Forget your true name … Forget to live your true life
Others did their part, you do yours; now enjoy the gifts of the knowledge of the Light
We choose the path of magic and magic chooses us
Never before has the darkness been so confronted with Light; Never before has it been so strong
Beyond all else, woman knows her name … but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance
Darkness tries hard to create nothingness where there is life, but life … true and real, ever sustains and grows
Men have choices always, some choose the Light, some the darkness, but the choice of Light is open to all
Opportunities to know the fullness of oneself abound…take them often, for passing on them leaves one feeling hollow…and alone…
Nothing of light truly disappears … it changes shape … raises in vibration and frequency…but never disappears
Knowing self means knowing the goodness of self … and of life itself!
Standing at the Gate, some will choose to go in, and others will chose to try to close the door once again so they will not have to look at the Light inside
The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for...
Sometimes we learn to dance, even though we have not knowingly signed up for the lesson...
Many watch and wait, but only those with an open heart SEE the Truth of the Great Spirit when it comes
Light Prevails Always and Those Who Follow It with their Hearts Open Full Cannot Help But Find Their Way Back Home!

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