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Harry Pond Looks Homeward: The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy is the first book in the Harry Pond spiritual fiction adventure series.

It is written for those with inquiring minds and open hearts; those who believe in magic; and those who believe in the possibility of humanity reaching “higher ground.”

Harry Pond Looks Homeward focuses on the Light beyond Earthy conflicts of light and darkness — conflicts we sadly all know so very well on this beautiful planet we call home.

Nevertheless, the Harry Pond books hold out the hope of humanity one day soon reaching a higher place of thought, understanding, compassion and love that allows us all, collectively and individually, to raise ourselves above these conflicts and contradictions to a place of Light beyond the duality of light and darkness on the Earthly plane.

Despite the difficulties the Earth is going through during this time of great planetary change, a vision of humanity reaching to, and attaining, a higher place of Love and Light is being manifested on Earth — right here, right now — and the Harry Pond metaphysical fiction adventure series is here to play its humble role in this creation.

You are invited to COME JOURNEY with Harry and his Ascended Master and Angelic teachers from the Brotherhood (Sisterhood) of Light on voyages of adventure and discovery. We hope you will enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you! 

Love and Light,

Jay Allan Luboff

Harry Pond Looks Homeward

About the Book

“I ran to the house that day expecting to see mom and dad alive even though I knew that this could not be. The year was 1967 and I had just returned from Vietnam. I knew that they were dead, but I reasoned that mom and dad would somehow still be around, that somehow some part of them would be, well, home when I arrived.

I was wrong ….

When Harry Pond returns home from war to find his once quiet All-American Ohio hometown invaded by sinister forces, his parents dead in a mysterious car accident, and his farm and the sacred forest — that has been held for decades in trust as part of a sacred five-family farm compact — adjacent to it threatened, he teams with spiritual forces of Light, Ascended Masters and Angels to save the land and vanquish those who would destroy it — bringing Harry, his sister Becky and friends to an epic confrontation in the forest of Light and darkness. Join Harry and his friends as they learn valuable lessons of the soul on what the Masters call, The Path of Mastery.   Read More…


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