About Jay Allan Luboff

Jay Allan Luboff, author of Harry Pond Looks Homeward Jay Allan Luboff is an avid fan of “God,” or “Source” or “Great Spirit” or “Oneness — or whatever else one may wish to call it. And while this is true about Jay, he also believes firmly that each and every one of us is a part of that larger God reality and that we are all moving into a time of Conscious knowing of this truth. And so in writing the Harry Pond spiritual novels, he explores both our common presence in the Oneness and the resistance to this concept as the Earth — through the expanding consciousness of humanity — births itself anew.

Jay Allan Luboff has been on his own dedicated spiritual path for over a quarter of a century and he knows that the journey “back home” to self awareness is not always a smooth one; it’s a road that can often have its bumps and pot-holes along the way. His writings address some of these issues of humanity’s “growing pains,” individually and collectively, from a time of asleep consciousness, to a time of awakened consciousness on the Earth; from a time of resistance to a time of allowing the Divine truth within each of us to unfold.

On his own journey of discovery over the years, Jay has written journals and poetry, short stories, and even an illustrated children’s book. But it was not until he completed this first Harry Pond spiritual novel the he felt led to seek publication of his work.  He is a dedicated husband to Chantal Marie, his wife and spiritual partner of 25 years, and he works in the world as a consultant to help “Green” the planet.