“Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance”

The chapter 41 quote, “Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of- balance,” reminds us of the all too tragic truth that a fundamental rift exists between man’s perception of reality and life on Earth and woman’s day-to-day experience of existence. Fundamentally, we are One in Spirit, but the history of women being oppressed on Earth is still all too present these days to be able to call this “history.” Much needs to be done to heal the wounds. But until this comes to pass, I am afraid this chapter quote still holds sway in reflecting this sad truth. With a humble heart, we have to ask ourselves how we can even begin to approach the healing of such a deep separation?

Women KNOW about life here on Earth by virtue of their connection to the heart that is able to be unified with the mind. Love for child, loyalty for family and connection to the God within seem to be inherent within women. Yet, over the centuries of intimidation and violence against them, women have indeed been encouraged to be obedient rather than wise, submissive rather than self-confident, and filled with a “little voice inside” of fear that tells them always to “watch out” rather than with a “little voice” of freedom telling them to blossom – all in a world for the most part both incomprehensible (at base), and indefensible in terms of how it could have ever gotten this way here on this sacred planet.

So, it is not without reason that we see women in various states of day-to-day existence on the planet. Some women, more fortunate than others, live in situations where they can express themselves, reaching to their highest dreams and aspirations, while others live in tyranny of the next wrong-said- word or turn-of-a-corner.

This chapter quote came to me as did all the chapter quotes in Harry Pond Looks Homeward, without question, judgment or explanation. Yet, for me it is the hardest one to write about. I am fortunate to be with my mate of many years, and we have taught each other much. But this quote goes beyond any individual learning I have had as a man. It goes to the heart of the truth that we are ONE IN THE SPIRIT, and the destiny of man on this Earth is intimately tied to the destiny of women.

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