Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance Part 2

What is “salvation” anyway, but the return of what I call the Spirit of Light within us all, such that the world becomes a place that is created from that Spirit, with day-to-day manifestation expressing that Light. Wanting this, it is a sad truth for me that individual “enlightenment” has so often focused on man finding HIS way home. This has been, it seems the history for the most part ofwhat we read about. Yes, we know of the Divine Mother, and current in-the-world women of both Western and Eastern traditions who have reached states of spiritual enlightenment. But for the longer, recorded history of Earth, this has not been the case.

And this brings a sense of confusion to me deep in my soul. For enlightenment, however defined, means that we are awake to our true connection and existence in the ONE. Yes, of course, I AM on my own path “home” in this regard. But I wonder, if it is the truth that beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance, then can I as a man expect to be not only awakened to my own Spiritual Oneness, but also fully fulfilled here on Earth if women (for the most part) knowing at base their own connection to the ONE have had to create lives full of defenses and ways to be that are “off balance” in order to protect themselves in this “crazy” world?

The point is that if women are off-balance how can men ever hope to be part of the creation of a world of Spirit and Unity in the Oneness? In my view, it is not good enough to say we want peace amongst nations, which of course is a grand desire to achieve – when within the boundaries of each nation the relationship between the male part of Great Spirit and the female part of Great Spirit forces woman away from her inherent connection to God. And, of course, if woman is off-balance in her connection to Great Spirit, surely man must be as well.

What do we do about this? How do we begin to approach healing? We can hold within our hearts that the indwelling Spirit of the One comes forth within the minds and hearts of all men living on this planet and shows a path of understanding to men that man’s existence on the Earth, and his own Spiritual connectedness cannot be whole, truly whole, in a world where the feminine in life is not also whole. And while it is extremely important and worthy a goal for us to hold for men in the Western world — where woman have been given some greater opportunity to find their center i.e., not be as off-balance, it is even of greater imperative that we hold this vision for all men around the world – especially those in countries struggling to awaken from the dream of separation and male dominance.

Peace on Earth means peace within the hearts and minds of the people of Earth, men and women … and while peace among nations is a start, it is only that … a beginning. To reach a spiritually conscious Whole Earth will take great healing of the fundamental rift that currently exists within humanity between man and woman. The beauty of knowing our Oneness with Spirit and with each other is that if we Vision It Strong Enough and Give It Enough Love , We Can Make A Difference and Even Make It Happen.

In Love and Light,
Jay Allan Luboff
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

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