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“Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!” Part 2

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

The chapter quote focuses on the truth of this unity we share . It says, if you seek, you shall find … that Light within, and it also says that it is our right, each of us, to KNOW our own Light and connection to Spirit. Why focus on this? Isn’t it obvious that we are all connected to each other through our Source creator? Unfortunately, we don’t have to look farther than the front page of our local news to see that, as a humanity, we do not know this truth at all. If we did, we would understand that there is a “plan in the universe of love and Light,” and the key for that plan to work out is for humanity as a whole to recognize the unity of our Light. In doing so, it will come to pass that, what I call, “brothers and sisters in the Light,” no matter what religions they hold to or races they come from can indeed make peace with each other on this sacred planet.

There can be no judgment here as to why so many of us do not know our true Light. We have been, with some few exceptions, raised in cultures of unawareness, asleep to our own connection to the Light of the One. What it takes to come in touch with that Light is embodied in the chapter quotation: Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!

Not much more needs to be said about this, except that along the way of seeking for our Light, we may find ourselves believing that we have the “best” way to know our Light, or the “right” path home. Of course, it is important to be aware of this aspect as we need to remind ourselves that that cloth spoken of earlier, is not just a “part of the weave,” but rather is the WHOLE CLOTH. What we want to do is learn to understand the different patterns and weaves within the fabric of the whole.

So, it is everyone’s right to seek and know one’s own Light, and in doing so, it is everyone’s right to enjoy the safety, harmony and creative joy of sharing in a community of Light. Fear comes from separation from the One. Faith brings us back to our commonality in the One. And this is where
happiness lies: in coming to know each other in the unity of the Light.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

“Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!”

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Oh, how I wish we were all raised this way, “… knowing our own Light,” but this simply has not been so. Some of us were raised to believe that it’s all outside of us, that Great Spirit exists and that only by doing “good works” can we be part of the Light of the One. Others were raised to believe that they didn’t have any Light at all. And yet others that only day-to-day “reality” was real. And still others, the few fortunate ones amongst us, were raised to believe in and know their own Light. Whichever place you find yourself, this quote points to the truth that – with all humility – each of us has a “right to know the Light and seek it” to the fullest extent of our being. I say with “humility” because in my mind, in pursuing our Light we come in touch with a humble recognition that though we have individual lives, we are part of a single fabric of life, a unity of Oneness.

While we have all have our different backgrounds, religions, racial and other, a growing numbers of humanity is coming to realize that if they seek the Light within themselves with enough dedication; keep at it and hold to their own vision of knowing and seeing their own Light, they will find it.

So, what is this thing called the “Light” and how can seeking and finding it, make us happy and whole unto ourselves and to the world? It is that spark of Divinity within each of us that comes from the creative Source of the universe. Each of us is part of the wholeness of that creation. We can take a cloth and point to the weave that holds it together at any one point, and even though one part of the weave may look weak, another strong and yet another “just good and normal,” the fabric as a whole still maintains its wholeness as a unity, a Oneness. This is how it works here. We are all a part of that Oneness, and though so many, many of us have been damaged by asleep patterns of communication within us and towards others, we are still each a part of the whole and as such, abundant in the Light.

“The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for…” Part 3

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

The existence of such a field ensures that the hopes and dreams of any one of us are intimately connected with the hopes and dreams of all of us. This seems abstract right now, but if we consider that in fifty years from now we may very well be living in a world that accepts this truth, and more importantly, CREATES our world from the HOPES AND DREAMS OF UNIFIED HUMANITY based on this truth, it does open the possibility today that we can all begin to connect with that field through the Presence of our own indwelling Spirit and begin to create a world of peaceful destiny fulfilled for humanity as a whole.

All this said, how does this affect each of our day-to-day lives right now? We each of us, no matter what our social status has pretty much easy access to the “God within,” (the indwelling Spirit). So, going after separate individual hopes and dreams conflicts directly with the reality of the truth of our Oneness, as a humankind, in Spirit. When we choose to “go our own way” and not to listen to, or even acknowledge, our connection to the Divine living in us, we tend to feel off, often creating for ourselves the negative emotions, resentments, anger, blame, guilt or shame that come with decisions, hopes and dreams that ignore the existence of the wisdom of our own indwelling Spirit of Light.

So the next time you make plans to fulfill your hopes and dreams, be sure to check-in with Spirit, for it is true, that The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for… and as such has a better idea of how to create the happiness and contentment of Spirit for which we all strive.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance Part 2

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

What is “salvation” anyway, but the return of what I call the Spirit of Light within us all, such that the world becomes a place that is created from that Spirit, with day-to-day manifestation expressing that Light. Wanting this, it is a sad truth for me that individual “enlightenment” has so often focused on man finding HIS way home. This has been, it seems the history for the most part ofwhat we read about. Yes, we know of the Divine Mother, and current in-the-world women of both Western and Eastern traditions who have reached states of spiritual enlightenment. But for the longer, recorded history of Earth, this has not been the case.

And this brings a sense of confusion to me deep in my soul. For enlightenment, however defined, means that we are awake to our true connection and existence in the ONE. Yes, of course, I AM on my own path “home” in this regard. But I wonder, if it is the truth that beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance, then can I as a man expect to be not only awakened to my own Spiritual Oneness, but also fully fulfilled here on Earth if women (for the most part) knowing at base their own connection to the ONE have had to create lives full of defenses and ways to be that are “off balance” in order to protect themselves in this “crazy” world?

The point is that if women are off-balance how can men ever hope to be part of the creation of a world of Spirit and Unity in the Oneness? In my view, it is not good enough to say we want peace amongst nations, which of course is a grand desire to achieve – when within the boundaries of each nation the relationship between the male part of Great Spirit and the female part of Great Spirit forces woman away from her inherent connection to God. And, of course, if woman is off-balance in her connection to Great Spirit, surely man must be as well.

What do we do about this? How do we begin to approach healing? We can hold within our hearts that the indwelling Spirit of the One comes forth within the minds and hearts of all men living on this planet and shows a path of understanding to men that man’s existence on the Earth, and his own Spiritual connectedness cannot be whole, truly whole, in a world where the feminine in life is not also whole. And while it is extremely important and worthy a goal for us to hold for men in the Western world — where woman have been given some greater opportunity to find their center i.e., not be as off-balance, it is even of greater imperative that we hold this vision for all men around the world – especially those in countries struggling to awaken from the dream of separation and male dominance.

Peace on Earth means peace within the hearts and minds of the people of Earth, men and women … and while peace among nations is a start, it is only that … a beginning. To reach a spiritually conscious Whole Earth will take great healing of the fundamental rift that currently exists within humanity between man and woman. The beauty of knowing our Oneness with Spirit and with each other is that if we Vision It Strong Enough and Give It Enough Love , We Can Make A Difference and Even Make It Happen.

In Love and Light,
Jay Allan Luboff
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

Journey Home – Songs of old come to those who listen … listen well for your call to come home

Monday, February 11th, 2013
Ancient of DaysWilliam Blake

Ancient of Days
William Blake

This is a series of Blog posts entitled The Spirit of the Thing #2  based on Chapter Quotes from the novel Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy. The quotes appear at the heading of each chapter  and raise  issues and questions about spiritual knowledge and awareness — “Songs of old come to those who listen ” is the focus of today’s blog.

“Songs of old come to those who listen … listen well for your call to come home” ( Chapter 11 Header  Quotation)

In a previous blog I spoke about the journey “home” (to spiritual harmony) and why it is often more difficult to even decide for real to start on one’s spiritual journey, rather than to be living on that path, day-to-day, once having decided.  Here I focus on the listening side of things.  The question I ask here is: “Where do we get our inspiration to even want to be on a our spiritually focused  journey home?  And “How do we know it is safe to take that path once we decide it’s the best thing to do for ourselves?”  Indeed, “”Songs of old come to those who listen … listen well for your call to come home, “but it is not always easy to listen if we feel the risk is too great, even if it means our successful journey home.

This is all about listening.  So, you may be one of those folks who have recently become, or have for sometime been hearing a little voice in your head (“…a still small voice…”) that keeps whispering in your ear “higher order” direction and guidance.  And somewhere you know that you ought to be listening to that voice.  But for some reason:  maybe you’re too busy; too fearful; too stubborn or whatever, you decide that it is not the time for you to listen to that voice — which I will call the “voice of spirit”  inside you.  And why do we decide not to listen?  Because for the most part we have all been taught to BE PRACTICAL, and we know what that means. It means that you “don’t leave your job,” even if that little voice is telling you to do so; you don’t go on that trip, even if that voice tells you to go; and you certainly don’t take huge spiritual risks associated with confronting, or leaving or moving away from seemingly “cozy” family or other situations, even if that voice tells you to do so.

So, it’s been easier, we thought, to listen to the practical needs of our lives, than to be impractical and listen to a spiritual voice that we were not sure we could trust.  Yet, what is that voice?  Where does it come from?  And what, if anything, does it have to do with “Songs of old come to those who listen … listen well for your call to come home.”    The answer is as old as time itself and yet it’s new.  We all come into this world with a host of knowledge from the past. Call it past life memory. Call it genetic memory. Call is racial or cultural memory.  Call it archetypical knowledge.  Call it what you will.  We all know that as much as a child come into the world “innocent,” each child expresses that innocence in different ways and to different degrees based on their own individual knowledge base and make-up, their own “nature.”

So, we’re not clean slates when we come and some us are pretty clear from the beginning.  We may have it all laid out inside us, for instance, as to what career we want to be on, or even, as children, have visions of our future that tend to lead us on a particular path. Others of us do not have such, and we find our path along the way.

Here is where “… songs of old …” come in.  For it is our own highest and best wisdom that comes so very, very often to tell us that if we listen well, all will be well. This is the case time and time again and who among us has not said, “I should have listened to my instinct (or that “little voice within”), and all would have worked out better for me.”  And this is what this quote is all about. For even though our connection to that voice is with us always, we don’t always listen. Yet it is a truth, that at a certain point in our life, we are asked from within to seriously consider focusing our lives on more spiritual and grand values.  This “voice” or “song of old,” we’ll call it, is for many all too easy to ignore, yet for a growing number of us – WE HEAR.

And what we hear is not from outside us, but from within us. And the message is that this voice is a voice of “old” indeed, comes from our own Divine Essence. It tells us that value in life, real value, comes from spiritual connectedness.  Without that sense of connection, with a life that denies that sense of unity with spiritual goals and values, we are very much vulnerable to becoming like robots, on automatic without a true relationship to our heart,  or to our real personal and spiritual needs.

We have this place inside. We have the wisdom of it.  It only takes a little practice in first listening, and then acting on what it is we hear, and soon enough we learn to trust that voice within.  So, the next time “Songs of old come…,” be honoring of yourself that you have previously listened well enough to that voice within, and now you’re able to be one of  those who are ready to hear the call to come home to your true spiritual essence.

Is it safe?  Well, ask yourself  how many times when you’ve listened to that “still small voice,” you were led wrongly … and how many times when you didn’t listen, your life reflected less satisfying outcomes?  We hear story after story of fortunes made from scratch by those who trusted their hunches and listened. This principle also works, but even more effectively, when focused on expanding our knowledge of our own journey on earth – our own purpose and reason for being. The journey of comprehending “Who we are?” and “Why we are here?”

Nothing can be of higher value to individual awareness and growth than to answer these latter two questions.  No matter what age one is, or the circumstances in which one finds oneself, trusting those “songs of old” do lead right to the path of Light that will guide you through YOUR gateway onto your own spiritual path.  As Lao Tzu said, “The longest journey begins with a single step?”  Listen well, and when YOUR SONGS OF OLD come, embrace their wisdom, for they are …. your call to come home!


In love and light,

Jay Allan Luboff, Author

Spiritual Wholeness “No path is easy…but the right one will take you home”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

This is the first in series of Blog posts entitled The Spirit of the Thing #1, based on Chapter Quotes from the novel Harry Pond Looks HomewardThe quotes appear at the heading of each chapter in the novel and raise questions or address issues of spiritual import.  The quotations give a sense of the energy in the chapter, but really stand alone as messages with their own spiritual wholeness and meaning.  Below I share my thoughts on the quotation of the day.

Walking_path : A woman walks a path towards the sunset while thinking about something important that is on her mind. Stock Photo

“No path is easy … but the right one will take you home”   (Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy   Chapter 6 Header  Quotation)

Most of us feel some connection to a higher order of things.  And most of us face challenges in feeling somewhat separate from that “higher place” and also confused about how to come “closer to home” on our spiritual journey.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether we call it God or Great Spirit, or the Force or Source; the real challenge is how to live our daily lives in a way that brings us into deeper connection with our spiritual wholeness.

So, while it is easy to say that “no path is easy…but the right one will take you home” to spiritual wholeness,  finding the “…right one…” to bring us home (to the spiritual wholeness of self) is really the focus of life. Once we find that, our life has meaning, focus and purpose.  And yet, for me, finding the right path to spiritual wholeness wasn’t nearly as challenging as my own desire and intent to want to find that path in the first place.  We all live in a world where “survival consciousness” is given far more recognition and support than higher or God Consciousness.   So, for me, while I always had an interest in the spiritual, I focused much of my early years figuring out with my logic who I was in a world with a primary focus on using my “Survival Mind,” with only a little bit of me focused on higher consciousness.

I suspect that this is the case with many of us.  In my own experience, finding the path to take, was less important than the one of getting on the path in the first place.   It is said that “…there are many paths up the mountain, but at the top, we reach the same place,” and with this I agree.  We all may have our struggles on the pathway “up the mountain,” but these are minor compared to the real initial challenge of trusting that our journey of life can be led not by survival mind, but by “God Mind.”  For me this means  that once we are on our spiritual journey, we all feel inspired to follow our own “light” home. In our wonderful uniqueness as humans we are all bound to choose the right path for us — that is, once we choose.  The challenge, as I said, is getting to the place of choosing.

Questions will be raised such as “What about if I have chosen and still can’t find the right path?” or “I am on the right path, but survival mind is so much in the way, that I don’t feel connected as much as I’d like. What do I do?”  And the only thing I can say in answer is that first we must seriously deal with our relationship to survival mind before we can really find our way home to the top of the mountain.  Taking little steps to trust God Mind and building on these IS the pathway.

We are raised as children in situations (for the most part) where any spiritual awareness is usually of less importance than learning day-to-day survival skills.  In America especially, this is quite understandable as the founding Fathers went out of their way to craft a Constitution that protected the rights of all – including religious/spiritual minorities. There were good reasons for this then, and there are still good reasons now for taking the position taken in the Constitution that religion should be separate from the social, political and economic structures under which we live our day-to- day lives.  All well and good. But given that our day-to-day lives of creating a place for ourselves in the world, growing and protecting our families, and other such activities have focused us on organizing our thoughts logically around being able to survive well here on earth — using our Survival Minds — we are not typically raised with a focus on listening to our “higher selves” or other connections with our Source or “God-Mind.”

Yes, I know we all do have that connection with our higher selves, but when we talk about “no path is easy … but the right one will take you home,” we are talking about stepping away from the part of our mind focused on “logic” and “figuring.” We are focusing instead on,  and trusting in  another part of us — our higher source mind from which we can receive the guidance we need to make our day-to-day life choices on the earth in creating a life of spiritual wholeness.

And this is the rub.  Can we really trust that if we wholly walk away…or even take a few tentative steps away from the logical and well ordered existences that we have created to survive here, that we will be okay?  This is the reason that the quote begins with  “No path is easy …,” for the conflict between the way we’ve been raised to live “well” (or try to do so) through use of our logical survival minds often clashes greatly with our God Mind.  This is especially true in the beginning when each of us has to decides to step onto our own unique path to spiritual wholeness.

Attitudes of old, habits of old, teachings of old, and affections of old all come into question as we consciously think about beginning our spiritual journey. When we say, for instance, “I’m going to trust my own ‘higher knowing’ or ‘higher instinct’ about a situation and about how best to handle it, rather than stay with tried and true approaches that we learned from the past (through family, experience in the “trenches of life,” or elsewhere) that may not be satisfying to our deep sense of life and self,  then we run into emotions and attitudes of old that are indeed, not easy.  Questions like, “Do I stick with what I think ‘works’ from my survival conscious point of view, or take a risk to listen to my higher, God conscious point of view?” come up, and only we can choose…

Given this truth that the path to spiritual wholeness has its challenges, why don’t we just stick with our survival truths and forget about spiritual truths? Because deep down we all remember that we are part of a Oneness that knows a greater peace, grace and love than we experience in survival mind consciousness. Somewhere, inside each of us, we long to return to that Oneness.

So, while a life based solely on the logical mind of survival consciousness may “feel safe,” such a life is, to one degree or another, without deep connection to our spirit wholeness and will always tend to leave us feeling hollow, empty and longing for something more meaningful.

So for me, while it may be that case that “no path is easy …,” the fact that once we chooses to step onto the right one,  it will take us home to our own spiritual wholeness.  This  is prime enough reason for taking the journey in the first place. Choosing to step onto your spiritual road may bring challenges, but as it is said, “…the rewards are great.”

The question then becomes, when you do begin to awaken to your need to seek that inner pathway to spiritual wholeness and connectedness, how do you find the courage to take the steps needed to move away from survival mind and to begin living a life directed by God mind?  These and related questions are ones I will be writing about in future blogs.

Love and Light,