“Dance a dance of Light…and know yourself in it” Part 2

While earlier in my life I had a hard time learning this first steps to “listening all the time,” after awhile I got used to it. As I practiced this first step, it became easier. The second step, hearing was also equally challenging for me. For while I became more aware of the presence of my spiritual voice in my life, I didn’t always want to hear what my voice of spiritual guidance was saying. Why was this? Because in hearing what guidance was saying, it meant that I didn’t only listen to – and perhaps ignore a lot of the time the higher wisdom that was being shared – but also to actually follow through and DO the actions that I was being guided to take.

Why do we find it so hard to learn this step of hearing and doing in the dance of Light, because it brings into focus the massive conflict that exists within each of us individually, and humanity as a whole, relating to TRUSTING THE FORCE or GREAT SPIRIT, or GOD, or whatever you call it. We can see by the fact we all speak different languages on this planet, have different allegiances to families, religions, friends, organizations, neighborhoods, etc., that our differences are so great that we have clustered together with those we can trust, at least to some degree, in order to feel safe.

So, “organizationally” and “family-wise” we find some comfort, at some level, in having trusted friends, trusted processes, trusted routines that are tried and true, reliable. And the one thing we learn early on in our connection with the voice of our spiritual guidance is that by listening, hearing and doing what that voice guides us to do, there exists a high possibility that it will guide us to places and to do things that take us outside of those familiar comfort zones. So, in essence, to learn steps two and three, hearing and doing in the dance of Light, either as a beginning student or even later on as a Master – is to learn that one can trust the voice of spirit within.

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