Harry Pond Looks Homeward: The Inspiration

I wanted to share a bit about the inspiration behind my latest spiritual fiction novel, Harry Pond Looks Homeward.

I think it is safe to say that in all of our memories, the Earth has always had its conflicts, its wars, its stresses and its contradictions. It is within this duality of existence on Earth, with the sense that all we have here is “light versus darkness” — and that this is the ONLY REALITY THERE IS — that I set out to write a novel that looks to a higher spiritual PLACE OF LIGHT ABOVE AND BEYOND the light and darkness on Earth.

But more, I felt that within this “black box of duality and polarity,” in which so much of humanity spends its waking (and perhaps even asleep) hours, a need exists to share something with others that is greatly lacking in our culture: a vision and existence of a Genuine All-American Spiritual Hero. Someone noble and able to be regarded as such by those who chance to read my Harry Pond novel(s).

We’ve all had heroes growing up as youths in America, but in recent years we have seen a continued denigration of the human spirit in our movies and many other facets of our media. When someone is seen as having a noble spirit or goal, done a noble deed, expressed a noble desire — viz, to stand above the “fray” of conflict after conflict on the Earth — in one form or another, these heroes tend to be vilified, condemned, or worse, as “depressed” humanity seeks to find the “kink in their armor” or to discover some great negative deed from that person’s “dark” past. So our children grow up filled with “cultural cynicism” rather than respect for laudable actions and deeds — and those humans who are responsible for carrying out such.

This is why I wrote the Harry Pond spiritual novel in the way I have, rather than write a non-fiction book on the “Soul’s Journey.” It is because of this lack of respect and spiritual upliftment for the noble in life that I chose this path. For I wish to bring my readers that potential to see within Harry a noble part of themselves that is not often given the recognition it deserves nor reflected these days in our culture.

Harry Pond Looks Homeward is about just this. Harry is a “normal” American kid from a “normal” middle-America town who finds a truth within himself and within the existence of spirit itself that helps him in his own soul’s growth and journey, even while facing the “darkness and light” of the Earth plane.

We all learn much along our own soul’s passage in life, but for Harry his journey becomes “not-so-normal” in that he comes in touch with what we will call “higher order beings” who have somehow, like the Christ, Ascended their physical bodies and now exist in realms beyond earthly comprehension. And it is Harry’s meeting and working with these beings that sets him on his own journey of what is called in the book, the “Master’s Path.”

My fondest hope is that beyond the excitement of the Adventure to save the sacred forest and quell the forces trying to destroy it, my readers will find merit in Harry and the others as human beings. For he is a “good person” and the whole journey on which Harry finds himself at times brings fear, and at other times exaltation, at times resolve and the need for strengthening of his will, and at other times the need to demur and let others take the lead.

So, this is my hoped for “gift” I give to my readers, a man (along with his sister Becky, Bill Bates a neighbor and other allies) who has a noble heart. Who is GOOD and who is, nonetheless coming in touch with and healing those places of “darkness” within himself that have kept him (and the rest of humanity) in chains and unable to reach to our highest potentials in the Unity of Universal Consciousness within the ONE.


In the early 1990’s I led “Earth Wisdom” Tours in Sedona, Arizona and one of the major premises of those tours was that our thoughts, amplified by the energies of the red rocks and sacred history of the place, (along with the then “newer” quantum physics understandings of the creative power of thought), created potential for those who came to the land with focused intent to unveil within themselves and their lives a new reality that was capable of unfolding before their very eyes. Much like the shaman’s of old, we modern day humans have indeed this potential as we hear and read daily story after story of how science and religion/spirituality have come together in understanding of our true HUMAN POTENTIAL.

Harry Pond Looks Homeward is written in this context and I hope that you find something that is good within him, within yourself — or perhaps you will find it in his sister Becky, or Bill or Uncle Julius or others in the novel. Something that will encourage and support you to continue on your “Adventure” on your own Master’s Path.

In Love and Light,

Jay Allan Luboff

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