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Harry Pond Looks Homeward
The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

A Novel
Jay Allan Luboff

Harry Pond Looks Homeward is the story of an Ohio farm boy who returns home from the war in Vietnam to his once pristine “all American” central Ohio hometown to find the town has changed. Where there was once happiness on the faces of his neighbors and “ump, pa, pa” Sunday band concerts in the gazebo at the town’s central square, the streets are now filled with gloom. In the three years of his absence, old haunts of Harry’s have disappeared or changed and the streets are now inhabited by members of a mean-spirited motorcycle gang. And worse, Harry’s parents have been killed in a mysterious car accident, an accident his sister Becky believes was no accident at all, and suspects the involvement of Harry and Becky’s beloved 80-year-old Uncle Julius.

This is the story of the Light that exists beyond the light and darkness on Earth. The story revolves around the farmstead where Harry and his sister grew up and moves forward upon Harry’s arrival home at the Columbus airport. As Becky drives to the farm, Harry knows that with the death of his parents it will make it difficult for him to return home to the farm and wonders whether that inner voice that kept him safe in Nam will be there to help now that he is home in Ohio. Relieved, he discovers that the voice he calls his “Guardian Angel” is still there, and it will stay with him to aid him on his journey throughout the book.

The farm itself is one of five family farms surrounding the last 500-acre stand of virgin forest left in the central Ohio farm belt. The forest, once sacred to local native tribes, is an important center of Light and has been used for eons as a place of teaching and learning by a group of “Ascended Masters” and Angels. These Masters, able to appear and disappear at will, are members of a spiritual order called “The Brotherhood of Light.”

The farm families are bound together by a covenant to protect the forest, yet the forces of darkness, led by Felix Butezz, “a short, fat, greasy man” (working at the behest of his dark and mysterious father), and Henry Thorpe, the scar-faced leader of the motorcycle gang, have their sights set on possessing the forest, or destroying it in the trying. The story’s action centers on the struggles of Harry and Becky, and another farm family friend, Bill Bates, to save the forest. Working with the Brotherhood and Angelic realms, the three learn deep spiritual lessons of the soul as they work to save the forest.

Uncle Julius, an 80-year-old white-bearded carpenter, still full of energy and the strength of a 30 year old, plays a central role in the story as he makes a sudden inner turn (early on in the book) from “good” to “bad” after having re-built the ancient and magical chest, VARNESS, which is embedded with radiantly brilliant gemstones, and  mystical powers of Light. The chest, it turns out, is a sacred treasure of the Brotherhood imbued with energies of Light that had been used in ages past to help seekers of the Light find their path home. But the chest had been lost until recently, when an aging priest on his own quest to make contact with the Brotherhood rediscovers old drawings of the chest and a map revealing its location while searching in the library of an ancient monastery in Spain.

Following the map, the priest eventually finds the gemstones in the jungles of South America, but the chest itself has been destroyed. Led by his own inner promptings, he brings the drawing and stones to Harry’s Uncle Julius, who agrees to rebuild it.  Once the chest is rebuilt, though, Julius becomes obsessed with owning it … but this is not to be as the chest ends up in the forest. Uncle Julius blames his brother, Harry’s father, for “stealing my treasure.”  From that point on, Julius lives a delusional life for the several years after the chest is rebuilt, during the time Harry is away, and even begins to work with the forces of darkness to try to help them acquire ownership of Harry and Becky’s farm (now that Harry and Becky’s parents have been killed) — as well as the other farm family homesteads — as a way to “get back what is mine.”

In an epic confrontation, Harry and his friends call on all the forces of Light within themselves and from beyond to help save the forest and save Uncle Julius at the same time.

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