“Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!” Part 2

The chapter quote focuses on the truth of this unity we share . It says, if you seek, you shall find … that Light within, and it also says that it is our right, each of us, to KNOW our own Light and connection to Spirit. Why focus on this? Isn’t it obvious that we are all connected to each other through our Source creator? Unfortunately, we don’t have to look farther than the front page of our local news to see that, as a humanity, we do not know this truth at all. If we did, we would understand that there is a “plan in the universe of love and Light,” and the key for that plan to work out is for humanity as a whole to recognize the unity of our Light. In doing so, it will come to pass that, what I call, “brothers and sisters in the Light,” no matter what religions they hold to or races they come from can indeed make peace with each other on this sacred planet.

There can be no judgment here as to why so many of us do not know our true Light. We have been, with some few exceptions, raised in cultures of unawareness, asleep to our own connection to the Light of the One. What it takes to come in touch with that Light is embodied in the chapter quotation: Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!

Not much more needs to be said about this, except that along the way of seeking for our Light, we may find ourselves believing that we have the “best” way to know our Light, or the “right” path home. Of course, it is important to be aware of this aspect as we need to remind ourselves that that cloth spoken of earlier, is not just a “part of the weave,” but rather is the WHOLE CLOTH. What we want to do is learn to understand the different patterns and weaves within the fabric of the whole.

So, it is everyone’s right to seek and know one’s own Light, and in doing so, it is everyone’s right to enjoy the safety, harmony and creative joy of sharing in a community of Light. Fear comes from separation from the One. Faith brings us back to our commonality in the One. And this is where
happiness lies: in coming to know each other in the unity of the Light.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

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