Customer Reviews


Stacey B.

“Thanks for compiling this list of spiritual fiction books! I am excited to check out quite a few of them! I was lucky to come across a fantastic spiritual fiction book recently by author Jay Allan Luboff entitled, “Harry Pond Looks Homeward: The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy”. I found this book to be entertaining and fascinating. It explains the idea of “light realms,” past lives, and our shared road towards spiritual growth. The book follows Harry Pond, a Vietnam Vet returning home for the first time in three years. It’s a battle between good and evil as Harry and his sister Becky try to save the farm from those who want the land for all the wrong reasons. They take on this mission with help from guardian angels, ascended masters, and show the reader that good always prevails 🙂 It’s a new age mystery with so much going on I can’t begin to explain even a fraction of it! I hope you will give it a chance”

R.J.K. Kendle

“The mystical saga begins with Harry Pond, a Vietnam Vet returning home for the first time in three years. Harry arrives in his hometown to reunite with his sister Becky. Harry is glad to see home and Becky, but it is a bittersweet happiness because of the loss of his parents in a tragic accident. Almost as soon as Harry settles in there is something unexplainable and mysterious happening in his hometown. His Uncle Julius has had a personality change and is now keeping company with dark companions. Julius and his cohorts want the land belonging to Harry and Becky and several other pieces of land as well. Harry and Becky realize that their Uncle Julius is a dangerous enemy who may have had something to do with their parents accident. The spiritual adventure and dangerous intrigue make this a riviting tale that is hard to put down. There are mystical jewels, a treasure chest, dark obsessions and guardian angels who have the task of helping mankind. Becky and Harry are asked to help with the mission and the spiritual quest begins. As Harry and his sister are trained to fight the dark forces, Harry’s spirit guardian states:
“This is a challenge of light to still the confusion of pain caused by those who still work within the consciousness of earthly darkness.” If you are drawn to the spirit realm, you will find this a tantalizing read. Enter the portal with “Harry Pond Looks Homeward; The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy.” A new age mystery adventure.”



“The title of the book caught my attention because I was looking for something different to read, it certainly was. Harry Pond goes back to his home town which isn’t the same after he’s left. I really liked Harry’s character in the book and the sibling bond with Beth. The family like most has secrets, things that were almost magically. After reading some parts, I was left thinking “Wow, that must’ve been a site to see.” They get to learn things about there parents they would’ve never known if it wasn’t for their journey ahead. Harry and Beth get to learn a lot about themselves too and share a very special gift. The forest came to life with the descriptions of the book, I could really even picture the town. I would recommend this book to my friends, it’s a light read and has some great messages.”



“The Spiritual Adventure of an Ohio Farm Boy

Harry returns from the Vietnam war to his home town where he is welcomed by his sister Becky. Unfortunately it’s not the most happiest of times back in the states, they both have just lost their parents. It’s even more devastating that Becky tells Harry she suspects their Uncle Julius might have something to do with their parent’s death.

Uncle Julius doesn’t defend himself on the accusations, and to make things worse, he wants to buy the property that was left to Becky and Harry. The spiritual adventure and intriguing plot make this an electrifying tale.

What a difficult time Harry goes through, but his trip home opens many doors and roads to him that change how he views everything around him, including the war and his parent’s death. It truly is a spiritual quest that Harry goes on in order to come to terms with the life he was dealt.

I found this book to be quite enlightening and eye opening. I found it entertaining and riveting, I could hardly put it down during some parts of the book. I have recommended this book to a few friends who I know would appreciate, and apply the spiritual journey to their own lives as I did.”




Author Jay Allan Luboff has been on his own spiritual journey for many years, and knows that the path “home” is not always a smooth one. This book explores that truth as Harry and his friends, with help from the Angelic Realm, face issues of their own and humanity’s “growing pains” while moving from a time of `asleep consciousness’ to a time of `awakened consciousness’ on Earth, from a time of struggle to a time of allowing the Divine Truth within each being to unfold in perfection.

Social/Historical Context:
We all have our struggles in life, be it physical, spiritual or otherwise, and we must all one day face these struggles if we’ve been trying to avoid them in the past. As Harry and his sister face their wicked uncle, who must have something to do with their parents’ accident, they are forced to embrace the reality of the `realms’ and Harry’s spirituality grows. He and his sister, Becky, are trained to fight the dark forces coming against them and with the help of their Spiritual Guardians, they work on succeeding.

Writing Style:
Harry tells the story, himself, with a strong conviction and a veteran’s accuracy. Author Luboff’s hero comes across as a peace-loving Ohio farm boy who was forced to face the dread and death of the Vietnam War, as well as the tragic accident of his parents when he came back from this war. At the end of all this tragedy, he only has his sister as his main support, beside other friends along the way. Written in a country-like flare and a clear grasp of the social and cultural being of the state of Ohio, this book is a warm one. it conveys its message unambiguously and yet entertains at the same time. Its characters are lively and homely, and yes, there are very evil ones as well.

My Thoughts:
A beautiful book. Encourages the crestfallen. I enjoyed it a lot.”


Anna Maria

“This novel would be interesting to anyone who is curious about the spirit world and how it might work. The story points out that we are all searching for answers to why we are here and what it all means but most of us would rather take all the detours earthly adventures have to offer that quite often keep us in the dark rather than the light.

In believing our “past lives” hold the key to how high we are on the path to “enlightenment,” I assume Harry Pond climbed quite a few rungs on that ladder before this adventure the book describes set in Ohio.”



“If you are looking for a spiritual adventure, or a simple explanation to the complex concept of the ‘light realms’, this book is for you. Cross the divide between the world of matter to the world of Light and Joy. Follow Harry Pond and his sister as they discover who they (and we) truly are. I really enjoyed this.”



“I like that this book is written from Harry’s point of view…he tells his story so well. The vivid, awe-inspiring descriptions of all the angelic beings, creatures and places are just beautiful to behold in my mind as I read. I felt like I was right there with Harry, his sister Becky, and their neighbor Bill on one amazing journey to uncover and protect the long held secrets of The Brotherhood of Light. Their parents were a part of this Brotherhood protecting the forest and the special chest that the darkness wanted to destroy. Harry, Becky and Bill were introduced as children to this but long ago forgot or repressed this fact as adults. The memories come back as they continued further down their path to enlightenment and oneness with God and nature.

A battle of good vs. evil, light vs. darkness which has been going on since the beginning of time and continues today. We all have a path to follow…few stay on course and most get distracted with the world and what it offers. The key is to be still and listen with our heart as it will lead us in the right direction. “Knowing the light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all””


Caitlin W.

“Harry Pond Looks Homeward is the story of a brother and sister who embark on an amazing spiritual journey right in their own backyard.

Harry returns home from the Vietnam War to find a lot has changed in his old hometown. His parents have passed away, there are unsavory people now inhabiting the town, and most strikingly, he and his sister are hearing voices. As they uncover the mystery behind the voices, they embark on a spiritual journey that takes them into the forest that borders their farm and shows them the magic that lies within.

As this is unfolding, evil is lurking in the new residents of their town. There is a plot to uncover the magic of the forest and steal the powerful, beautiful chest at its core that is sure to be worth many riches to those who seek it. Involved in this plot is Harry and his sister’s uncle, though not everything is as it seems to be. The pinnacle of the story is when the forest comes under attack and the forces of light and dark are, quite literally, fighting against each other.

It was difficult for me to get into this story but once I did, I enjoyed it. There is a strong focus on the battle of light vs. dark and good vs. evil, and it touches a lot on spiritual subjects like God or another higher power. Following Harry and his sister through their journeys was encouraging and also taught that we are all called to make our own choices and follow our own paths. The last few chapters, where the bulk of the conflict happened, were very entertaining. I felt gripped by the story as soon as the attack on the forest was planned and couldn’t put the book down until I knew what happened.”


Bonnie P.

“Harry returns home after three years in Vietnam. He and his sister become close when they discover a magical forest in their backyard. When Harry was in Vietnam he felt there was a higher being watching over him and protecting him, but he didn’t fully understand what that higher being was until coming home and discovering the “Guardian” in the magical forest. This is a very well written book. It makes you think about your own spirituality, if you choose, or you can just enjoy the story.”



“Harry has returned overseas from the Vietnam war. What should be a joyous occasion is marked by the recent deaths of his two parents. As he and his sister connect, they each reveal that they’ve been guided by a strange inner voice. When Becky reveals that their uncle might have something to do with the deaths of their parents, the plot thickens.

The writing was clear and delivered the message of the story concisely. The characters are well developed, and each have their own motivations for doing what they do. It’s a good message about spirituality, and I liked the overall “mystery” the guardian voice adds to the story. Although initially this voice is the only fantastical element to the story, eventually more and more crazy things begin to happen and Harry and Becky find themselves pulled into a battle against dark forces. I was pulled in the more I read, and I had a lot of fun.”


Tiffany Davis

“Harry Pond Looks Homeward: The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy, by Jay Allen Luboff, opens up when Harry Pond who is a Vietnam Veteran comes home for his first time in three years. Harry is reunited with his sister Becky, though they have lost their parents in a tragic accident. At their parents death, Harry and Rebecca inherit some land. With all families, death tends to bring out the ugliness and the truth. Harry and Rebecca notice that things have changed with their Uncle Julius, and he has become very dark. He also has made it very clear that he wants the land that they inherited. Through this, they believe he may have played a part in their parents death. There are mystical treasures, guardian angels, and adventures that keep you turning the pages through the very end.

I enjoyed this book. It was nice to see something new. Luboff take’s a war veteran and places his on a spiritual journey of defending what is rightfully his, while adding the twists of guardian angels into the mix. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looknig to read something different, as this is definitely that!”