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“Dance a dance of Light…and know yourself in it” Part 3

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

So, “organizationally” and “family-wise” we find some comfort, at some level, in having trusted friends, trusted processes, trusted routines that are tried and true, reliable. And the one thing we learn early on in our connection with the voice of our spiritual guidance is that by listening, hearing and doing what that voice guides us to do, there exists a high possibility that it will guide us to places and to do things that take us outside of those familiar comfort zones. So, in essence, to learn steps two and three, hearing and doing in the dance of Light, either as a beginning student or even later on as a Master – is to learn that one can trust the voice of spirit within.

It won’t always seem logical, and it won’t always seem practical, but it will always lead you on a positive expanded path of self-knowledge. And this is what learning the dance of Light is all about. We cannot advance in our spiritual awareness or understanding of ourselves and our lives without lending a “listening ear,” a ”hearing heart,” and a “doing spirit” to follow the guidance within each of us that is here to show us each in our own unique way, to dance our own dance of joy.

Learning these three of the four steps of the dance of Light are most important in learning how to Dance the Dance of Light on your own path to self-awakening and self-knowledge. But the fourth and final step in learning the dance is one that “makes it all happen.” It is the step of “allowing” that brings it all together on our path of becoming the “Master” of the Dance of Light.

By learning this last step of allowing, we learn that the conflict existing between our “doing, practical mind,” and our “spiritual, guidance mind” is able be resolved and mediated as we go from “beginning student” to “Master” of the dance of Light. How that can happen relates to the essence of what the word allowing means in this context. Once we understand that, then we can understand that it is the key to making it possible for us to grow into our “spiritual selves” without great, trauma, pain or turmoil.

This is so because in learning to allow, we grow to understand that the conflict between the “practical” and the “spiritual” voices within us can be regulated in a way that helps us both remain steady and in a place of balance in our practical lives, while at the same time helping us open to our own unique spiritual guidance and growth. The allowing step in the dance gives us the vision and activity of accepting where we are in our present state of consciousness in relationship to doing from our practical minds, while helping us to also HEAR and DO at the same time (to the degree or level of our own unique evolution) from our spiritual mind.

“Nobody has a better way to see than you; nobody can ask but you” Part 3

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

One could go on and on about the lack of a feeling of belonging … to our churches, religions, philosophies, even our own families.  But this is not the need. What is needed is for all of us to awaken to the unity of humanity in thought as being a prime creative force in the universe. Quantum physics certainly offers us the scientific explanation for our unity and ability to create RIGHT WHERE WE ARE or from afar, REMOTELY. Both appear to have the same force of creative manifestation whether happening at home, or far away….and so we have new therapies like Family Constellation, new approaches to love and knowing God in literature like the Course in Miracles, and new “inquiry” based approaches.
We ARE together connected, and if we wish each other well in our thoughts and hearts, then we will make a world of well wishers and in doing so, heal the wounds of a very injured and diseased humanity. How do we start doing this? The answer is embodied in the Harry Pond quote for this blog post, for indeed, Nobody has a better way to see than you; nobody can ask but you “We are One,” but we are individual parts of that Oneness and the sooner we realize that and take active efforts to awaken in our thought- and heart-creations, the sooner we will make a world of Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Women/Men.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

“Nobody has a better way to see than you; nobody can ask but you”

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Who are we? Why are we here? These questions seem to be the core of so many, many philosophies, religions and other spiritual and/or Socratic inquiries. As I see it, these are THE important questions once we all decide to turn our minds and hearts away from other, more “practical” questions of life like, “How do I pay the rent?” or “What’s for dinner?” These latter questions relate to how are we going to live well today on this oft times incomprehensible and scary planet on which we live. Without a focus on these “basics,” inquiry related to who and what we are, can be felt to be superfluous to our daily survival.

So, why, you might ask, do I say that these other questions related to self and self-knowledge are THE important ones? After all, how we take care of our basic needs on the Earth really provides the backdrop for a good life, and these practical needs and focused thoughts about how to meet them are primary. And to this, I would say, “yes” and “no.” The reason is that in my view, the need to know who we are, and our purpose in life are critical factors in our success at meeting the practical needs in a way that brings wholeness, contentment, self-awareness, and love flowing into and through our lives.

We do not exist alone. “No man is an island” it is said. When I first heard this phrase, I thought it had to do with the fact that wo/mankind is a “social animal,” and like other species that have an instinct to band together, we have that same characteristic. In truth, even though I thought that that might be the meaning of those words, I simply didn’t know what they really meant. Of course, I would think, … we need each other to make surviving on Earth easier, but fundamentally, I am, and everyone else is alone!

“Know your name…Know your life…Forget your true name…Forget to live your true life” Part 3

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

We do learn in our families and cultures how to see and be in the world, but we must learn as well to reawaken our true selves by listening to this ever present Presence, our creative source within. So, if we “know our name,” only from the reflections that society or others give us and not from the Divine voice within us, then we only know a small part of our true selves. And if we only know a small part of our true selves, then we will inevitably only live a “small part of our true lives.”

Listening to find your True Name, and by this I mean, listening to that little voice within that can lead you on past habits of old, perceptions of old, attitudes and beliefs of old, and images of self of old – will substantially, if listened to on a regular basis, change your own perceptions and your own identify and “name” – from an “asleep” definition of yourself, to an awakened one.

So, if your name is, for instance, “Michael,” and you are listening and reflecting your definition of self from the societal beliefs, mores and attitudes within which you live your life, then the “Michael” you are living and being may not at all be the one who is the TRUE NAME/SAT NAM of “Michael” who you are in your Divine reality — but instead be a man living only a partial life of his true self. And yet, the task of opening to our TRUE NAME/SAT NAM is no farther away than to open ourselves to listen within to the voice of our own connection to Divinity.

In doing this, we begin to “hear” the voice of our true self and as we trust that voice, we come more and more to BE OUR TRUE NAME, SAT NAM. And in this state, we live not a partial life (with most moments of our life in “asleepness” and only some awakened), but eventually a fully awakened one…one in which we KNOW our own TRUE NAME. So, become a Michael or Sally, or whomever you may be in the grand truth of your own Divine Identity. For it is true that if you “ … Know your name (you will)…Know your life…Forget your true name (and you will)…Forget to live your true life.”

Jay Allan Luboff
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

“Know your name…Know your life…Forget your true name…Forget to live your true life” Part 2

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

We have a day-to-day personality name, and we have one that is special to each of us that is our Divine name. Let me explain.
We are raised to believe in our life within the cultural and familial situations that carry with them a set of norms for behaviors and actions, reactions to reward and punishment, and actions and feelings of loyalty, love and devotion. We all “know the rules,” and as we grow up some of those we follow,
some of those we may rebel against and some of those we may just discard. Well, it is no surprise that our TRUE NAME should be different than our personality name in that the impetus for doing in our life and world come from distinctly different sources.

In some classic eastern religions, the day-to-day world of the visual created-reality is referred to as an “illusion” or “maya” – a world that “appears” to have reality because the thoughts we think and the actions we take in relation to it, but none-the-less a world that can only cause suffering if taken as the “only reality.”

Yes, we do have to get up to go to work, take our kids to school or whatever. And, yes, we do have to plant our crops, till our fields, etc. So, this day-to-day life on earth does have a reality for us. But the real question is: Do we take this daily existence that has to do with surviving on earth as the only reality?

Let’s go back to the beginning here, “Know your name…Know your life…Forget your true name…Forget to live your true life.” This chapter quote from, Harry Pond Looks Homeward, refers to the fact that the creative source of the universe – called Great Spirit or Wakan Tanka by some, God by others, Allah by still others – has more of a direct influence and relationship on what and how we create life, than does creation of our world only from our consciousness of the practical needs of our world – based on what we do in our day-to-day survival or culture-based views of the world.

Why I Write, The Spiritual Meaning of Harry Pond

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Jay Allan Luboff, author of Harry Pond Looks HomewardI have been wondering what to write about in this first series of blog posts and decided that it might be a good place to start to talk about “Why I write,” and in particular, what it is that I believe important and enjoyable about Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy — and how his journey with the Angels and Master’s of Light to save the sacred forest may help the reader on their own spiritual journey.

I think it is safe to say that in all of our memories the Earth has always had its conflicts, it wars, it stresses and it contradictions. It is within this duality of existence on Earth; the sense that all we have here is “light versus darkness”  and that this is the ONLY REALITY THERE IS — that I set out to write a novel that looks to a higher spiritual PLACE OF LIGHT ABOVE AND BEYOND the light and darkness on Earth … Click here to continue