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“Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!”

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Oh, how I wish we were all raised this way, “… knowing our own Light,” but this simply has not been so. Some of us were raised to believe that it’s all outside of us, that Great Spirit exists and that only by doing “good works” can we be part of the Light of the One. Others were raised to believe that they didn’t have any Light at all. And yet others that only day-to-day “reality” was real. And still others, the few fortunate ones amongst us, were raised to believe in and know their own Light. Whichever place you find yourself, this quote points to the truth that – with all humility – each of us has a “right to know the Light and seek it” to the fullest extent of our being. I say with “humility” because in my mind, in pursuing our Light we come in touch with a humble recognition that though we have individual lives, we are part of a single fabric of life, a unity of Oneness.

While we have all have our different backgrounds, religions, racial and other, a growing numbers of humanity is coming to realize that if they seek the Light within themselves with enough dedication; keep at it and hold to their own vision of knowing and seeing their own Light, they will find it.

So, what is this thing called the “Light” and how can seeking and finding it, make us happy and whole unto ourselves and to the world? It is that spark of Divinity within each of us that comes from the creative Source of the universe. Each of us is part of the wholeness of that creation. We can take a cloth and point to the weave that holds it together at any one point, and even though one part of the weave may look weak, another strong and yet another “just good and normal,” the fabric as a whole still maintains its wholeness as a unity, a Oneness. This is how it works here. We are all a part of that Oneness, and though so many, many of us have been damaged by asleep patterns of communication within us and towards others, we are still each a part of the whole and as such, abundant in the Light.

Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance Part 2

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

What is “salvation” anyway, but the return of what I call the Spirit of Light within us all, such that the world becomes a place that is created from that Spirit, with day-to-day manifestation expressing that Light. Wanting this, it is a sad truth for me that individual “enlightenment” has so often focused on man finding HIS way home. This has been, it seems the history for the most part ofwhat we read about. Yes, we know of the Divine Mother, and current in-the-world women of both Western and Eastern traditions who have reached states of spiritual enlightenment. But for the longer, recorded history of Earth, this has not been the case.

And this brings a sense of confusion to me deep in my soul. For enlightenment, however defined, means that we are awake to our true connection and existence in the ONE. Yes, of course, I AM on my own path “home” in this regard. But I wonder, if it is the truth that beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance, then can I as a man expect to be not only awakened to my own Spiritual Oneness, but also fully fulfilled here on Earth if women (for the most part) knowing at base their own connection to the ONE have had to create lives full of defenses and ways to be that are “off balance” in order to protect themselves in this “crazy” world?

The point is that if women are off-balance how can men ever hope to be part of the creation of a world of Spirit and Unity in the Oneness? In my view, it is not good enough to say we want peace amongst nations, which of course is a grand desire to achieve – when within the boundaries of each nation the relationship between the male part of Great Spirit and the female part of Great Spirit forces woman away from her inherent connection to God. And, of course, if woman is off-balance in her connection to Great Spirit, surely man must be as well.

What do we do about this? How do we begin to approach healing? We can hold within our hearts that the indwelling Spirit of the One comes forth within the minds and hearts of all men living on this planet and shows a path of understanding to men that man’s existence on the Earth, and his own Spiritual connectedness cannot be whole, truly whole, in a world where the feminine in life is not also whole. And while it is extremely important and worthy a goal for us to hold for men in the Western world — where woman have been given some greater opportunity to find their center i.e., not be as off-balance, it is even of greater imperative that we hold this vision for all men around the world – especially those in countries struggling to awaken from the dream of separation and male dominance.

Peace on Earth means peace within the hearts and minds of the people of Earth, men and women … and while peace among nations is a start, it is only that … a beginning. To reach a spiritually conscious Whole Earth will take great healing of the fundamental rift that currently exists within humanity between man and woman. The beauty of knowing our Oneness with Spirit and with each other is that if we Vision It Strong Enough and Give It Enough Love , We Can Make A Difference and Even Make It Happen.

In Love and Light,
Jay Allan Luboff
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

“Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of-balance”

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

The chapter 41 quote, “Beyond all else, woman knows her name…but the earth experience continually throws her out-of- balance,” reminds us of the all too tragic truth that a fundamental rift exists between man’s perception of reality and life on Earth and woman’s day-to-day experience of existence. Fundamentally, we are One in Spirit, but the history of women being oppressed on Earth is still all too present these days to be able to call this “history.” Much needs to be done to heal the wounds. But until this comes to pass, I am afraid this chapter quote still holds sway in reflecting this sad truth. With a humble heart, we have to ask ourselves how we can even begin to approach the healing of such a deep separation?

Women KNOW about life here on Earth by virtue of their connection to the heart that is able to be unified with the mind. Love for child, loyalty for family and connection to the God within seem to be inherent within women. Yet, over the centuries of intimidation and violence against them, women have indeed been encouraged to be obedient rather than wise, submissive rather than self-confident, and filled with a “little voice inside” of fear that tells them always to “watch out” rather than with a “little voice” of freedom telling them to blossom – all in a world for the most part both incomprehensible (at base), and indefensible in terms of how it could have ever gotten this way here on this sacred planet.

So, it is not without reason that we see women in various states of day-to-day existence on the planet. Some women, more fortunate than others, live in situations where they can express themselves, reaching to their highest dreams and aspirations, while others live in tyranny of the next wrong-said- word or turn-of-a-corner.

This chapter quote came to me as did all the chapter quotes in Harry Pond Looks Homeward, without question, judgment or explanation. Yet, for me it is the hardest one to write about. I am fortunate to be with my mate of many years, and we have taught each other much. But this quote goes beyond any individual learning I have had as a man. It goes to the heart of the truth that we are ONE IN THE SPIRIT, and the destiny of man on this Earth is intimately tied to the destiny of women.

“Dance a dance of Light…and know yourself in it”

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

In this chapter quote, we are focused on joy. Where does it come from and what does it have to do with self-knowledge? We all know what dancing is, but we don’t often know the “dance of Light.” This dance is the most important dance I know, for it keeps me focused on what is important …self-love, self-knowledge and a loving view of self and humankind – and in my view this is the prerequisite for real joy. So, what is this dance of Light?

It is an alignment with the universe in a way that allows us to receive and accept our highest good! Dancing is always wonderful from my point of view, but to dance in the Light is a special grace that we give ourselves that requires “allowing” Great Spirit to work through us, expressing the peace and joy of the Oneness we are. What kind of dance is this? What does it look like? It is fundamentally a dance with four steps: listening to the voice of the Oneness within us; hearing what’s being said; doing the actions that we are guided to do to grow our spiritual selves; and, allowing the existence of the familiar and the new to stand side-by-side within us – as we are taken in the dance.

It has often been said in spiritual circles that being aligned with the Oneness within us puts us in harmony with a true state of peace, harmony, grace, love, and the abundance of all things Divine. Conversely, not being aligned with the Oneness within can produce chaos, separation, a sense of aloneness and poverty of spirit. So, “Dance a dance of Light…and know yourself in it,” is the call within each of us to align (once again) to the harmonies of the universe.

Well, …where do these harmonies come from? How do I learn this dance? The answer has to do, with learning to align ourselves with the four steps of the dance described above: listening, hearing, doing and allowing. Knowledge of these four “dance steps” is key to understanding not only the dance, but also our own unique harmonies that we each have come to express in it.

So, to learn this dance, let’s learn first to “listen.” And the thing we must do when we learn this step is to understand that we have two voices within us, one that focuses on our daily tasks and activities in life “just get ‘em done” – this one I call the “practical voice or mind” within us; and a second voice that focuses on guiding us as to “how” to do those daily tasks in a way that supports our ongoing self-knowledge, spiritual growth and love. To practice this step of listening, we need to focus our attention as much as we can during the day to “tune in” to that voice that wants to guide us to harmony. This, I know, is not always easy. Most often during the day, we do what we do without thinking about anything else. But to learn to dance the dance of Light,” our first step is to turn, like we do with a radio channel, our station to the one that allows us to consciously listen to the voice of our guidance.

“Nobody has a better way to see than you; nobody can ask but you” Part 3

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

One could go on and on about the lack of a feeling of belonging … to our churches, religions, philosophies, even our own families.  But this is not the need. What is needed is for all of us to awaken to the unity of humanity in thought as being a prime creative force in the universe. Quantum physics certainly offers us the scientific explanation for our unity and ability to create RIGHT WHERE WE ARE or from afar, REMOTELY. Both appear to have the same force of creative manifestation whether happening at home, or far away….and so we have new therapies like Family Constellation, new approaches to love and knowing God in literature like the Course in Miracles, and new “inquiry” based approaches.
We ARE together connected, and if we wish each other well in our thoughts and hearts, then we will make a world of well wishers and in doing so, heal the wounds of a very injured and diseased humanity. How do we start doing this? The answer is embodied in the Harry Pond quote for this blog post, for indeed, Nobody has a better way to see than you; nobody can ask but you “We are One,” but we are individual parts of that Oneness and the sooner we realize that and take active efforts to awaken in our thought- and heart-creations, the sooner we will make a world of Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Women/Men.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy