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“Dance a dance of Light…and know yourself in it” Part 3

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

So, “organizationally” and “family-wise” we find some comfort, at some level, in having trusted friends, trusted processes, trusted routines that are tried and true, reliable. And the one thing we learn early on in our connection with the voice of our spiritual guidance is that by listening, hearing and doing what that voice guides us to do, there exists a high possibility that it will guide us to places and to do things that take us outside of those familiar comfort zones. So, in essence, to learn steps two and three, hearing and doing in the dance of Light, either as a beginning student or even later on as a Master – is to learn that one can trust the voice of spirit within.

It won’t always seem logical, and it won’t always seem practical, but it will always lead you on a positive expanded path of self-knowledge. And this is what learning the dance of Light is all about. We cannot advance in our spiritual awareness or understanding of ourselves and our lives without lending a “listening ear,” a ”hearing heart,” and a “doing spirit” to follow the guidance within each of us that is here to show us each in our own unique way, to dance our own dance of joy.

Learning these three of the four steps of the dance of Light are most important in learning how to Dance the Dance of Light on your own path to self-awakening and self-knowledge. But the fourth and final step in learning the dance is one that “makes it all happen.” It is the step of “allowing” that brings it all together on our path of becoming the “Master” of the Dance of Light.

By learning this last step of allowing, we learn that the conflict existing between our “doing, practical mind,” and our “spiritual, guidance mind” is able be resolved and mediated as we go from “beginning student” to “Master” of the dance of Light. How that can happen relates to the essence of what the word allowing means in this context. Once we understand that, then we can understand that it is the key to making it possible for us to grow into our “spiritual selves” without great, trauma, pain or turmoil.

This is so because in learning to allow, we grow to understand that the conflict between the “practical” and the “spiritual” voices within us can be regulated in a way that helps us both remain steady and in a place of balance in our practical lives, while at the same time helping us open to our own unique spiritual guidance and growth. The allowing step in the dance gives us the vision and activity of accepting where we are in our present state of consciousness in relationship to doing from our practical minds, while helping us to also HEAR and DO at the same time (to the degree or level of our own unique evolution) from our spiritual mind.