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“The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for…” Part 3

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

The existence of such a field ensures that the hopes and dreams of any one of us are intimately connected with the hopes and dreams of all of us. This seems abstract right now, but if we consider that in fifty years from now we may very well be living in a world that accepts this truth, and more importantly, CREATES our world from the HOPES AND DREAMS OF UNIFIED HUMANITY based on this truth, it does open the possibility today that we can all begin to connect with that field through the Presence of our own indwelling Spirit and begin to create a world of peaceful destiny fulfilled for humanity as a whole.

All this said, how does this affect each of our day-to-day lives right now? We each of us, no matter what our social status has pretty much easy access to the “God within,” (the indwelling Spirit). So, going after separate individual hopes and dreams conflicts directly with the reality of the truth of our Oneness, as a humankind, in Spirit. When we choose to “go our own way” and not to listen to, or even acknowledge, our connection to the Divine living in us, we tend to feel off, often creating for ourselves the negative emotions, resentments, anger, blame, guilt or shame that come with decisions, hopes and dreams that ignore the existence of the wisdom of our own indwelling Spirit of Light.

So the next time you make plans to fulfill your hopes and dreams, be sure to check-in with Spirit, for it is true, that The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for… and as such has a better idea of how to create the happiness and contentment of Spirit for which we all strive.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy

No Path Is Easy…But The Right One Will Take You Home

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

As human beings, most of us feel some connection to a higher order of things. As well, most of us face challenges in feeling somewhat separate from that “higher place,” and also confused about how to come “closer to home” on our spiritual journey. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we call it God or Great Spirit, or the Force or Source; the real challenge is how to live our daily lives while at the same time coming “closer” to our connectedness to that which we call spiritual wholeness.

So, while it is easy to say that “no path is easy…but the right one will take you home,” the issue of finding the “…right one…” is really the challenge. For me, finding the right path wasn’t as hard as the basic question of my own desire and intent to find the path home in the first place. We all live in a world where “survival consciousness” is given far more recognition and support than “higher” or “God Consciousness.” So, for me, while I always had an interest in the spiritual, I focused much of my early years figuring out who I was in a world with a primary focus on using my survival mind, and only a little bit of me focused on higher consciousness.

I suspect that this is the case with many of us. So, for me the question of what path to take, is less important than the one of getting on the path in the first place. Why do I say this? Because, as it has been said, “…there are many paths up the mountain, but at the top, we reach the same place.” What this means that once on our spiritual journey, we all feel inspired to follow our own “light” home. In our wonderful uniqueness as humans we are all bound to choose the right path for us, that is, once we choose. The challenge, as I said, is getting to the place of choosing.

Questions will be raised such as “What about if I have chosen and still can’t find the right path?” or “I am on the right path, but survival mind is so much in the way, that I don’t feel connected as much as I’d like. What do I do?” And the only thing I can say in answer is that first we must seriously deal with our relationship to survival mind before we can really find our own true path home.

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy