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“Knowing the Light, seeking the Light, is the right of every living being; Light belongs to all!”

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Oh, how I wish we were all raised this way, “… knowing our own Light,” but this simply has not been so. Some of us were raised to believe that it’s all outside of us, that Great Spirit exists and that only by doing “good works” can we be part of the Light of the One. Others were raised to believe that they didn’t have any Light at all. And yet others that only day-to-day “reality” was real. And still others, the few fortunate ones amongst us, were raised to believe in and know their own Light. Whichever place you find yourself, this quote points to the truth that – with all humility – each of us has a “right to know the Light and seek it” to the fullest extent of our being. I say with “humility” because in my mind, in pursuing our Light we come in touch with a humble recognition that though we have individual lives, we are part of a single fabric of life, a unity of Oneness.

While we have all have our different backgrounds, religions, racial and other, a growing numbers of humanity is coming to realize that if they seek the Light within themselves with enough dedication; keep at it and hold to their own vision of knowing and seeing their own Light, they will find it.

So, what is this thing called the “Light” and how can seeking and finding it, make us happy and whole unto ourselves and to the world? It is that spark of Divinity within each of us that comes from the creative Source of the universe. Each of us is part of the wholeness of that creation. We can take a cloth and point to the weave that holds it together at any one point, and even though one part of the weave may look weak, another strong and yet another “just good and normal,” the fabric as a whole still maintains its wholeness as a unity, a Oneness. This is how it works here. We are all a part of that Oneness, and though so many, many of us have been damaged by asleep patterns of communication within us and towards others, we are still each a part of the whole and as such, abundant in the Light.

“The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for…”

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

This quote is suggesting that while we can hope and pray for a thing, our own higher spiritual connection will end up leading the way to creating the most positive outcome for our hopes and dreams … if we allow it do so. This chapter quote is one of my favorites of the fifty-one in the Harry Pond Looks Homeward novel. “Spirit see, what our mind only hopes for, is a truism for me that I find hard to put into words. But here I go ….

I will start by saying that we can and do manifest our hopes and dreams by embracing them with all our minds and hearts. That said, embracing our hopes and dreams, and manifesting them, may not always be in our own spiritual best interest. We know we can “make it happen” for we have done so all our lives in one way or another … and we hope it will all be positive, but it is the higher consciousness or Spirit that resides within us, that KNOWS whether our hopes and dreams are aligned with own best interest and the fulfillment of our unique destiny.

So, for me it is imperative to of course have my hopes and dreams as we all do, but to check-in always with the Spirit within me, my guidance, as to whether the origin of those hopes and dreams comes from my “lower mind,” ego, or from a higher place of destiny fulfilled within me.

This said, here’s how I understand all this: Within us all resides a unique and wonderful gift that I call the “indwelling” Spirit of the Oneness, God. What is so wonderful about this is that we are all able to access our own direct connection to this Presence to receive “higher wisdom” in relationship to every aspect of our lives. It has been my experience time and time again, and I know this is the case for so many of humanity – that Spirit does see the full picture that the mind can only wonder about.

So, Spiritual awareness is a wonderful way to check-in and keep ourselves and our hopes and dreams aligned with our higher good. If this is so, you might ask, why don’t we all seek to make contact with and listen all the time to this spiritual Presence within us? After all, if it has “higher wisdom,” all of us would do well to seek that relationship. .