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“Dance a dance of Light…and know yourself in it” Part 4

Friday, October 16th, 2015

By allowing we can in a way “sit back and watch” our own growth and, indeed, pace it to the level of our own evolutionary abilities in consciousness. It is said, “God never gives us more than one can handle.” If we replace the word “God” with “higher self” or “spiritual guidance,” then we can say that our own guidance will never give us to do more than we can handle. With this in mind, we learn the last step in the dance of Light that allows both our practical mind and our spiritual mind to co-exist together, moving as harmoniously as possible on our path of awakening. Never will it be the case that our spiritual mind will tell us something that would be good for us to pursue, without it knowing that we are ready for that pursuit. In allowing our practical mind to win when it needs to do so i.e., override the spiritual suggestion, we are learning to create a relationship with our spiritual mind, a relationship of trust that will allow us to more and more rely on our higher spiritual voice.

Indeed, as that trust grows, we soon enough find that we are listening more, hearing more, doing more and allowing more of our spiritual voice to guide us – and as we do so, our practical, day- to-day world, miraculously becomes aligned and in harmony with our spiritual world. Self-knowledge and growth lead the way as we “Dance the Dance of Light…and know (y)ourself in it”

In love and light,
Jay Allan Luboff, Author
Harry Pond Looks Homeward, The Spiritual Adventures of an Ohio Farm Boy