“The Spirit sees what the mind only hopes for…” Part 2

Our problem as a humanity is that we have thought ourselves separate from that indwelling spirit for so long that we have gotten used to using our mind as the logical mediator for deciding which of our hopes and dreams to “go for,” and more importantly, how to go about fulfilling them. We choose our direction and forget that we are all connected to each other through this indwelling spirit, and the fact that this is the case means that we are not alone in deciding the outcome of our activities to fulfill our hopes and dreams.

Indeed, it has been said, “Let go and let God,” and for those involved in organizations and programs using this approach to individual healing on many levels, e.g., twelve-step programs addressing multiple issues – letting go and letting the spirit within lead in fulfilling our hopes and dreams has been very successful.

We need to understand our connection with each other. The existence of Spirit within each of us means that we are connected to each other in ways that we have not even begun to fully comprehend. Yes, our individual histories and society have supported the notion that it is the “individual” who succeeds, and that society tends to exist to support individuals in fulfilling their hopes and dreams. And for the most part, with this I agree: society does need to support individual actions on this level, except that individual creation that is not informed by spiritual wisdom, focuses the whole of humanity on those efforts of hope and dream fulfillment that are often, even I might say “usually” (in the current state of human awareness and consciousness around the Earth), aimed at individual ego concepts of needs and desires, and not at concepts that can fulfill the WHOLE of society’s interconnected hopes and dreams for a positive destiny fulfilled.

The “Tower of Babel” condition that exists in the world of a humanity that does not yet understand its Oneness – with each creating from their own lower order needs and desires, including the existence of seventy-five wars around the world last year – has created a world of immense suffering across the globe. And yet, even as “asleep individual consciousness” and “asleep social consciousness” reign on an Earth just now awakening from a long sleep, quantum physics supports the notion that we all live in a COMMON “field of possibility” that connects us all of us to each other and to the whole, such that we are communicating with each other and “existence” all the time with our thoughts, feelings and emotions – even as we focus on creating our own, individual, hopes and dreams.


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